Plex Windows App doesn't start playing video's, circle moves after while I hear audio but no video)




I’m sometimes using a Windows 10 PC with the Windows Plex app from the store to play my videos. On my Windows 10 tablet it’s running fine. On my PC it’s not running anymore since 3-4 weeks. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled but that didn’t do the trick. I can play via web on my PC, Plex Media Player Preview and Plex Home Theater… but… I would like to use the Windows App.

How can I uninstall and clean all settings/cache/whatever to be sure nothing is interfering?



Before you delete any settings, can you please send me your log files? (instructions here).

To completely delete Plex for Windows settings/data, delete the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\CAF9E577.Plex_aam28m9va5cke folder from your machine.


I sent a PM with my log, now I will delete my settings and try again, thanks!


From the log, the player is using Direct Play, meaning that there's no transcoding happening or anything which should slow down/interfere with playback :-/


But why isn't it working on my Windows 10 PC with windows app, and other apps are working? Maybe a permission mistake, how to correct? My Plex server machine has a i5 4460 with 16GB RAM... no delay there. My client (PC) is a 6 core with 8+ GB too... all connected via 1 Gb/s NIC.


I waited for a while and I saw an error appearing : Your connection to the Plex server is probably too slow.

I tested my internet connection : 190 Mbit down and 18 Mbit up

But since this is local traffic I copied a 9 GB mkv file to my local drive and copied it back to another harddrive on the Plex server : 100-130 MB/s, which is normal as I have a 1 Gb/s connection from my PC to my Plex server.


I tested 2 cases.... The one giving issues with me is:

480p h264 2.0 aac (low quality video.....)

I tested another one and this is taking some time to start but it starts and plays well:
1080p h264 5.1 aac (original is DTS, high quality video)

Which is weird... I will PM you the new logfiles and the screenshots.

Hope we can find it.


We both think something is wrong on the client-side, maybe due to Windows 10 update or permissions. Any help is appreciated. I don't want to reinstall a fresh Windows 10... All other Plex clients are running fine, only the Windows App is causing this issue :(


I think we have to wait for a bugfix from Microsoft. I wanted to repair Apps/App Store from PowerShell… This is my last hope… (before reinstalling Windows10, which I’m not going to do)


I have exactly the same problem on my Samsung Smart TV Plex App, with a Linux Server that used to work fine until this morning. Deleted the app on my tv and reinstalled it , same issue.
I press play, audio kicks in and video never shows, instead I'm left with the show's background and the loading circle.


That's weird indeed... A different frond-end and back-end....

My Windows App yesterday told me a message on my 'well' running machine my server is too slow to encode the video, which is weird... Server has i5 4460 with 16 GB and was nothing else doing...

Started PHT and working well.. same video :)


I'm seeing the same issue.

PMS is running on a brand new i7 machine with Win10
Streaming to any of the following works fine:
Android phone (v5.1)
Windows RT tablet (whatever the latest version of Windows RT is)
Plex Web App

When I try to stream to my Windows 10 tablet running the November update and Plex installed from the store, even a 480p file won't play correctly. Exact same file works on other devices, and worked fine once I sync'd it, but that's a pain.

Currently experiencing this on Plex v2.1.2.18 from the store.


Hope they find a solution or workaround soon :)


I've have this issue only on PC that's running PMS. On other PCs app works fine.


I don't have PMS running on the PC with the issue. I now removed all other Plex Apps and still same issue... hope Microsoft soon solves the repair appstore powershell command... hopefully this will sort it out.


I use web and not windows app, working fine.


@rdevrede said:
I use web and not windows app, working fine.

This wasn’t a solution for me because surround sound doesn’t work through the Plex web app. The Windows Store Plex App doesn’t consistently play high-quality files (my videos are in MKV containers), so I’ve installed the Plex Media Player app for Windows. PMP plays everything well, including surround sound.