Plex with Vizio SmartCast



I just bought a Vizio E70U-D3. I can connect my Roku to and use Plex from it, and I cast to it from my Plex app on a device, that all works just fine.

But really want to do is use Plex from the Vizio SmartCast app, like I can with Netflix or Hulu. SmartCast has several built in sub-apps, but no Plex, and no obvious way to add new ones.

Am I missing something, or is casting from the Plex app now the preferred way of using Plex with SmartCast?

I do have PlexPass, in case that matters.


I'd also like to know if Plex will be added as an app to the onscreen Smartcast GUI.


Yes please! I would love this as well.


Yes Please!! +1 vote for Smartcast App


Another vote! Here's a link to an article on some background as to how the 'apps' function/behave and ownership.

Quote from article:
"Matt McRae, Vizio’s chief technology officer, took to AVSForum (where he maintains an active presence) to explain the revised user interface to the company’s most fervent users.

It would be wrong to think we are porting a bunch of native apps to the screen and doing an about-face on Cast. SmartCast TV is just SmartCast Mobile built for the 10ft experience. Meaning the UX is actually driven from the cloud and the same backend servers as SmartCast mobile. There is no native app running... which means we can add features, improve design, add content, etc without having to do an app or firmware update. Also, the apps "running" in the TV are actually cloud based HTML5 interfaces that also can be updated without downloads or firmware updates.
So these aren’t regular “apps” that you’d need to update through some TV app store. They’re HTML5 apps that the TV loads from the cloud; the streaming companies themselves have full control over pushing new features or other changes. McRae confirms as much in a later reply:

When Hulu wants to update their app they make a change on their server. Immediately all SmartCast displays will be updated since an "app launch" is basically just loading it from their server. They can update their app as often as they wish and you will always have the latest without having to download code to your display."


So more or less we need an app made by plex for the P and M class televisions. I hope this is something they plan on doing.


This would be pretty awesome.


Yes Please. This would be awesome!


Hello All… About 3 weeks ago I got a different smartcast home page on my P65… It only lasted a day but the apps listed at the bottom were almost completely different and also scrolled to the right. Dozens of new apps, including Plex. So I signed into the Plex app and it worked great. The next day the hone page went back to normal, but the Plex app stayed!! I asked Vizio about this and they said their developers may have released the new app screen early by mistake… Either way the Plex app looks great and I’ll post screen shots later if this is of any interest to people here… Also listed was an app for Google play movies… So there is a Plex app coming as well as other apps.


Having the app means I won’t have to go buy a new Roku/Apple TV but I can’t wait long for Vizio to get the App working so it’s very frustrating to see nothing has changed yet.
Just bought a P65-E1

Edit: seems Plex does have an app. Nice!


I got a P65-E1 a few weeks ago. The Plex app was built into it (after a first-run firmware upgrade) and it works great for playing 4K content. :smile:


I have a P65-C1 and after being told by Vizio(!) on Reddit that there would not be a Plex app for our TVs, imagine my surprise when I saw the Plex icon on my home screen.

It linked fine with my account, found my server, the UI is nice but it transcodes a lot more than casting it via my PC throught the web app. My DS416play can handle it but I am going back to the web app for now, it direct plays a lot more of my videos.

Still, nice to see a feature added to a year-old TV!


Cloud based apps, wonderful…because internet access never fails…right. I got my Smartcast monitor on clearance to use as a gaming monitor and the price was to good to pass up. With gaming consoles and other external input devices it’s awesome. As long as I’m connected to the internet its great. If I’m not connected to the internet I can’t cast anything to it. I have everything (plex server, android tablet with plex app and Smartcast monitor) connected to my local server. I can access the Plex server on my tablet just fine and view my media on the tablet but my Smartcast monitor doesn’t show up when I press the cast button. My nvidia Shield device does. I’m forced to use an external device. So much for “Smart” cast. If I had paid full price for this thing I would have returned it.