Plex Won't Airplay




My plex was working via airplay to ATV 3 but now nothing wants to airplay any more.

If I airplay using other apps, eg Netflix all is ok. but with plex it won't go through.

on the ATV 3 an error is displayed : An Error Occurred loading this content - Try again later

Any help or advise on how to fix this ?



Note, I am running IOS 9 on my Ipad Mini, could this be a problem ?


I am having the same issue. Trying to send music to an Airport Express from players on MacOS Sierra 10.13.4 (Web) as well as from Android Pixel 2. My AirPlay device does not show up in the player list.

Server OS - CentOS 7
PMS Version - plexmediaserver-
Android - 8.1.0
Plex Android App - 7.0.0
Plex Web App - 3.53.7