plex wont mute when incomming lync call



ive setup Windows 8.1 so that on incomming communication calls it should not just do volume down by 80% it should do mute all other sounds.

plex in metro app will not mute, but the volume is lowered alot and i think its the 80% lowered.


is there a fix for this?



I don't know.  We'll do some research, but this is an OS thing.  It's possible we get some kind of communications notification we're ignoring, but I kind of doubt it.

We set up our media playback as background-capable, so it will keep playing when the user switches out of the app (e.g. to listen to music in the background).  This may be the cause of the issue, but I don't know what the solution would be at the moment.


Im sry to never replay on this issue.
I later found out that edge is the issue it self, any other media playing is not muted accordinly to my settings Firefox has no issue


Holy Necropost!

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