Plex won't read my hard drive



I'm having issues trying to set up a server on a pi. I realize this is a common question throughout the forums but for some reason can't find what I'm looking for. I am very new to this but have been following along with most of it. I found the drive name and UUID but for some reason can't change anything as root. I come up with an error at the bottom of any root programs. It is:

a swapfile is not a swap partititon, no line here

use dphys-swapfile swap[on|off] for that

Any guesses on a fix would help so much.



I am able to follow along with that forum for the most part untill D. Whenever i open up vi /etc/fstab it comes up with that error and is read only.


Only root can open /etc/fstab for writing.


I have made a few edits to the How-To. Hopefully this will clear up any ambiguity about when root permission is needed.


should the fstab line be added in the middle of the current input before the swapfile lines or after at the end?


/etc/fstab is processed from top -> bottom in order.

Mounting media before the system is running doesn't make any sense.

To make it more visible, it makes best sense to put it at the bottom.


Thanks a lot man. I had been staring it that thing for sooooo long. Just so you know if you know if anyone comes across this in the future even though it says the swapfile lines I just added the needed UUID line below it and it worked. Even though it came up with more warnings once I exited out plex was finally able to read the hard drive reguardless.


Done right, there should be NO warnings.

Best sequence is

  1. Root partition
  2. Swap Partition (or file which is on the root partition)
  3. Extra / external volumes last