Plex's metadata on a network share (Advanced Tip)



Plex's metadata on a network share. (Advanced users only) ##

  1. This is NOT supported. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
  2. Linux and NFS do work reliably but the degree of reliability is at your own risk subject to every involved software and hardware element involved.
  3. Proper operation is dependent on all layers between PMS and the actual data.
  4. PMS performance will decrease. The latency of the LAN is noticeable.
  5. ONLY use this if you cannot relocate the Library (metadata) to another location on your local machine (see "Moving PMS's Library" tip) as a LAST RESORT

These caveats having been said,

  1. Use tar to perfectly copy all the files and permissions (retaining UID/GID, and all other inode flags) to the NAS
  2. Add vers=4,local_lock=posix to the mount options. This forces TCP and POSIX file locking. PMS uses POSIX locking.
  3. Rename Library locally to save that copy
  4. Create a new Library directory, owned by plex:plex to mount on.
  5. Test the mount
  6. Verify NFS v4 and locking are active mount | grep Library
  7. Verify you have enabled posix file locking in all layers / abstractions between PMS and the actual data

As example, the completed entry should look like:
syno:/volume1/plexdb /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library nfs sec=sys,intr,local_lock=posix,rw,vers=4,auto,nofail 0 0

This is an advanced tip and not for novice users. Corruption and complete loss of your PMS library metadata will result if done incorrectly.