Plexserver does not find my HIFI Receiver



recently I installed Plex on my macbook to feel a new media entertainment feeling. Unfortunately, my Plex server does NOT find my Pioneer VSX2012.
so far, I have rebooted my WIFI Router, restarted Pioneer, restarted PC.
Checked, that DLNA is enabled on the WIFI Router and Pioneer.. all is fine.

Just opposite, my Pioneer Receiver does find my Plex server and is able to stream the music.
but again, the more convenient way is not possible, because the Plex server on my macbook does not find my Pioneer receiver.

In comparison, iTunes does find my Pioneer immediately, being able to stream the music directly on my receiver, being the client.

Unfortunately, not the Plex,...

Hope, someone can help me

Many thanks


@mstocki - Plex DLNA acts as a ‘server’, not a ‘client’. It won’t see other devices/servers. Other DLNA clients should only see the Plex server, as you describe.


I would look for a app to achieve your pioneer remote controls.Itunes or app store