Plugins issue - Plugins work on iOS, but not on AppleTV or Web browser



The Plex plugins work on my iOS phone. However they are not working on my AppleTV or Web browser.

The web browser just spins and displays no message for minutes.

The AppleTV will eventually timeout and try to play the next episode, the next episode also fails. Sometimes the AppleTV will report a transcoder failure.

I have attached the log, but all I see are debug messages that don't mean anything to me.

Any pointers would be helpful


For a start, you need to specify what plugin!
And if an unsupported one, re-post in the relevant support thread


This is for all the plugins

CBS, NBC, ABC are all not working on the web browser or AppleTV

They do work on Roku device and my iOS phone 11.4


If you are able to play the media from these plugins on some player apps but not others, then there is not an issue with the plugins. Either there is an issue with your PMS transcoding media that is not compatible with that player or the player app is not properly programmed to play those plugins.

See the “Plex Player App/Plex Media Server Issues” section of the READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues/Questions and Things to Check First that is pinned to the top of this forum.

The website for CBS offers its media as RTMP and NBC and ABC offers media as encrypted HLS.