Plugins Not Responding


Every time i go to watch a plugin i have installed and made sure it was updated i click on an episode and it says plugin not responding...i get this message on every one that i click on no matter what it is? What is going on?


First review the READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues/Questions and Things to Check First that is pinned to the top of this forum.

As stated in the "Issues with Plugins from Sources Other than the Plugins Directory (aka Unsupported Plugins)" section of that thread, if these are plugins you have installed from sources other than the Plugin Directory, you must use the support options offered by each unsupported plugin's developer to resolve any issues with each individual unsupported plugin.

If these are plugins you have installed using the Plugin Directory, also see the "Why won't any of the videos play on one or more of my plugins?" section of the Frequently Asked Questions for Channel Plugins that is also pinned to the top of this section of the forum.


I have the same exactly the same problem on most plug ins on Plex using the recent android "update".
Frankly its a bit of a joke, myself and others would like a resolution to this problem instead of the standard answer and like some action on this as downgrading is a far from ideal fix.
Now lets have a bit of support as I honestly think you are avoidin a resolution.

This really is now very Pi** poor Plex support.