PMP buffering with AAC Audio



Got PMP latest Version running on an Win10 PC.
Most of my Videofiles got 2 Audiotracks: Stereo AAC and 5.1 AC3 or DTS

At this PC I have Stereo Speakers attached.
If I Play the Stereo AAC Track the Track buffers every 10 Seconds or so.
If i Switch to AC3 or DTS (with higher Bitrate) it Plays smooth.
If I then Switch back to AAC it also Plays smoth.

Any Idea?

Best Regards


Anyone can help with this?


Is this from a remote server or a local server?

Could you post a log?


Post your media info as well. I know some devices have issues with AAC when it is Main mode instead of LC (my rokus do not handle Main well at all).