PMS 1.0.0



So, in this world of constant app updates (I am so tired of updating my iPhone apps, really, it's like a job) the only one I look forward to is Plex. Not only is it my most favorite app, it is also the only piece of software that I interact with each and every day (sort of, not counting work related programs and OS's). I just keep wondering, it has been clear to me for many years now that Plex is very careful with their version numbers, I have never seen a company stay beneath the number one for, well, ever.

I keep thinking, when we finally hit Plex V1.0.0 (I'm only referring to PMS, clients are light years, or light numbers ahead) it is going to really mean something. I'm not asking for a business plan (I know better) but I was wondering if anyone (bet you Trumpy will chime in) has an OPINION on the reasoning behind the need to stay at 0.9. bla bla bla for so long.

Will PMS 1.0.0 be a "ready for prime time" player? (That was a SNL ((Saturday Night Live)) reference for you younger readers). I think they are holding off from 1.0.0 on purpose and when we get there it is going to be great! What say you?


When marketing runs product version numbers, you up with with version 52 very quickly.

When engineering runs product version numbers, you asymptotically approach 1.0 without ever reaching it.


You're asking me?? :)) ... I have absolutely no idea why we haven't hit the big 1.0 yet.

Although with that said, I do know that the developers are working hard to sort out all of the little bugs that crop up from time to time so that users like yourself get the best experience possible and the best features possible. And that is right across all of the products that Plex produces, including phone apps etc...

Back when we hit 0.9, a lot of folks thought we were all but at 1.0 and that it was just around the corner, but if you go back to that time and compare it, things are very, very different now. Better security, many more features and a whole lot more that most folks never see.

Are we ready for 1.0? I think we are close, but still not there just yet. When the day does come, I think we may see some pretty special things happen, but that is purely my own speculation.

Even with all the current bugs and the fact that we haven't hit the magical 1.0, Plex is still the best personal media experience anywhere.

Will Plex get better when it hits 1.0, I have no idea, I would like to think so, but I can only speculate until we get there and I have no idea how close or how far we are from that goal.

And if you have a great idea for Plex, then make sure you head on over to the feature request forum:

And lay down your proposal. The powers that be do take notice of what you suggest (even if they don't say so) and when possible, those suggestions do sometimes get included in Plex. So put the thinking cap on and help make Plex even better. :)

And what the big cheese said up there ^ ... :))