PMS / Web Player 3.35.2: almost all episodes stop playing 2 or 3 min. before end



Here we go again....
problem seemed to be gone in previous Plex Pass release(s) but with every or nearly every episode stops too early. Also, when starting the episode again and jumping right to the position less than 4 minutes before the end, often subtitles won't play.
I'm going to downgrade to or again while waiting for a fix. These issues have been coming back again and again and again since September or October, it's getting really tiresome...


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Still the same problem with !!!


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We’re testing a fix that should address this issue and related issues. A critical error from the player stack is emitted near the end of certain videos, which either leads the player to fallback to a transcode or there is an error. We’ll hopefully get that fix out on today or tomorrow.

However, the issues I’m referring to are specific to the web app and would not affect the iOS app. Keep in mind that the versions you mentioned are for Plex Media Server. If you follow release announcements for the web app, you’ll see different versions.