PMS 1.3.4+ on Freenas manual install



Is there a way to manually install/is PMS 1.3.4 and up compatible with Freenas 9.3

Ive tried the PMS updater, as well as doing the portupgrade route, and neither will let me go past 1.3.3


9.3 is pretty old. You should be on 9.10 at the very least.


@nick779 I'd be willing to guess that you can't upgrade past 1.3.3 due to your jails being outdated.

1) SSH into your jail and run "pkg -vv"
2) Look at the end of the readout for something like this:

FreeBSD: {
url : "pkg+",

If your "url" isn't freebsd:10, then your jails are as up-to-date as they can be. Time to upgrade your OS, and you might even need to migrate plex to a new jail


I am on 9.10 but still had an old jail from way back, which eventually aged to the point where I couldn't upgrade Plex inside of it. I eventually broke down and did the proper thing of making a new jail from scratch, which didn't end up being as painful as I thought. If you set it up right, all your media is a separate mount inside the jail, so the only thing you need to do is migrate your Plex settings. I tar-ed it all up into a file I dropped on the media share then extracted it all back into the new jail. This was the most painful part mostly due to the time involved. Pro-tip: install rsync in your new jail while you can so that migrating the data next time between the old and new jails goes faster.