PMS 3D subtitles problem - one side is delayed


Running the latest version (3.32.2) of PMS on my Synology DS916+ server. Just recently the server has started delivering 3D subtitles (.SSA or .ASS files) where the right side subtitle shows up just fine, but the left side displays a second or more later. These worked just fine several weeks ago so I am suspecting that a recent update to PMS has caused this problem. I have started/stopped the PMS server - this did not help. I have tried different clients (Windows on PC, Roku with LG TV, Android on Samsung phone) and they all show delayed right/left subtitles. Is anyone else seeing this?



Same problem here with Mac and LG TV.
The only solution for me was downgrade to an older version:

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Exact same problem here, just noticed it.

Using lastest PMS on Windows + PMP.


same here. but whenever you play from an mkv-file, you can import the .ass (hilarious filename) into the mkv and then it doesn’t seem to be a problem.


Hi everyone. Same problem, The subtitle on my PC is ok, but when I used the same video file and subtitle on the TV with Plex, one side is delayed. Any update? Thanks in advance


I’m also having this problem. plex client on Roku is having this issue but plex client on windows is fine. Both with PMS running on Mac.


Me too. playing direct from files on PC is fine. Any use of PMS Client ( PC [windows and Linux], Samsung BR player, LG TV, Roku) has the delay problem . Any comments from Plex yet?


Hello again. Update with a work-around. I Enabled DLNA server on PMS. ON my LG TV I use SmartShare (LG DLNA). Replaced 3D subs with 2D subs. This works a treat and should work on any DLNA compatible client. The upshot is, of course, that there is definitely a bug in the latest release of PMServer (with the possible exception of the Windows version)