PMS in jaill created folder for camera upload. how can I change the permissions




The camera upload optie created a folder in the PMS jail. Now I want to change the permissions of that folder. It only has special permissions foor two Unix users that I guess Plex has created.

Any idea's ?


Did you follow this guide?

Basically your just have to ensure that the user owning the files on your dataset has the same uid/gid that the user used in your jail to run the processes.

I think that is what you are talking about...


No, alas. I didn't follow a guide during setup of the foto upload by Plex. But that's because it was done on my android phone in the app. It didn't say that it was going to create an extra folder inside it's own jail.

I actually should have thought about this earlier, because Plex has no write permissions anywhere on my systems, except for the location of it's plugin jail.

But sadly I don't have any permission inside the jail, so I can't change it, without knowing the exact usernames and passwords, used by Plex internally.

So the user on the dataset, is the same user inside the jail, i.c. Plex.


Just asked the question on the FreeNas forum. still waiting for a reply.