PMS is transcoding things it shouldn't



Hi @Orca,

I was playing a couple of movies recently and I noticed that it was transcoding movies it never used to. I understand that a 20 MBit limit was put so to reduce buffer issues. On top many of my 1.5 MBit DCA tracks get transcoded - without me using subtitles. I am using a home theatre Samsung system which works a little differently and can easily decode the audio streams so I never had problems with high MBit or DTS-HD tracks. Is there a way to have an extra option to try and force Direct play getting around all the limitations if you are an advanced user?

Thanks for the great app!


There already is an option to force direct play both globally in the app and the screen before starting playback.


DTS-HD will always transcode, because Samsung can't do pass-through for that.That has always been the case.
I think you might have newer videos with codecs or subtitles that are not supported by Samsung out of the box.
You can check the logfile why the app decides to select transcoding instead of direct play.


But in my case I don't need pass through for the audio as the HT can do it out of the box. The subtitles bit I understand but I haven't used any on those where it did transcode. And I never had issues with 30 MBit bitrates so I don't get why I need to transcode those. At least in 2 cases the log showed 9880 > 9000 for the video.bitrate limitation which I didn't understand at all. I would love to be able to circumvent those limitations as they never posed any problems. I can play things directly from the same source over the network as I have a mount point on my HT but that defies the point of having Plex.


If you are confident your system can play everything, just select Direct Play as playback mode and the app will stop interfering and just tries to play the media as is.