PMS on 7004T - Web player issues in Windows



I have a fairly new 7004T - less than 2 months old so I'm in no way proficient with it yet.
PMS is installed and working well for streaming to my iPad. All my movies play just fine.
However, while I use my Windows PC to add video content to the NAS I can't play the content in the Web App/Player in order to check the videos. I'm signed into the server, I can see the content in my libraries, I can update the libraries & all the metadata appears as it should but if I try to actually play one of the movies they won't load. I just get the loading circle. If I then try to look at the same file on the iPad Plex App it plays perfectly.
I get the feeling there is a very simple answer to this but I can't work it out.
Thanks in advance everyone :)


What does the Plex Media Server log files say after you try to play it?

Stop Plex Media Server, wait for 15-20 seconds and then restart it in App Central. Then start your show about 4-5 minutes after Plex has restarted. Wait for any error message on the browser to show up, then stop it, stop Plex and then post the relevant sections (as code) in this thread. I (and others, I’m sure) will look it over and give you an idea of what we see.

You may want to look over some of the links I have in my signature, BTW. I’m running the same model of NAS as my PMS machine and it literally runs flawlessly, if the media is in the right codecs.


Thank you for your help, I have just learnt a lot about log files!
I attach the log file (as txt and zip), not sure if it is in the format you requested (or how to do that, frankly but Google is my friend).
The important part, for it is veeery long, is between 17:57h when I started the player via the App (at 17:58 I selected a library, 18:11 selected an item at random and started it loading and then at 18:14 I cancelled the item and closed the player at 18:15hrs)
In general, the 7004T is pretty amazing isn’t it?
Off to go through your links now…thanks again


Looking through your logs, and not really seeing anything that jumps out at me. but I’m not an expert at log diving, either…

I see that the media is set for 2Mbps, is this what you have your web client setup for a max bit rate? Try changing it to original and see how that works. Also, try a different browser. I use Firefox for most of my NAS stuff, but from time to time it just goes stupid.

I have the full 16GB of ram in my 7004T and it runs sweet with this much memory to play around with. Never ran it with lower than 16, as I bought the memory when I got the NAS. It’s fast as hell, even with all the media I have on it. (And the external HDD’s…)


Hi, sorry for the delay in thanking you for your previous message & help; real life gets in the way sometimes :confused:
I changed the 2 Mbps to original and to 4Mbps but it made no difference.
I’m now going to work from your excellent Asustor Forum article and manually update the App.
Thank you!


Just for closure on this matter, the thing that solved the issue for me was to use another browser. I use Firefox (currently v53.0.3 64-bit) and I found that I could watch all my media just fine if I switched to Edge. I don’t think I will pursue the matter in Firefox, why go all the way round when you can just jump over?