PMS on VPS - High quality stream problem




Was not sure to open a new thread or not. Sorry if it solved somewhere but searched overt this forum and was not able to find the solution.

I am a new on PMS but trying to built my own media server on VPS.

Think have reached a success and PMS is running. Built it using this manual:
If this manual is wrong or has some problems would love to get your comments to be sure where i have failed.

Also mounted Google Drive via PlexDrive.

Everything works but still facing some stream problems...
Would like to get any advice to solve this case.

Actually I get different errors:
1. CPU problem - not fast enough for transcoding.
2. Bandwidth problem - not fast enough to stream above 2Mbps quality.

I have made some tests and:
1. CPU is fast enough for transcoding. While on transcoding CPU usage is very low. I do not believe that it is true.
2. Upload and download speed is fast enough to handle much much higher quality. Even for download from Google Drive. But it is the same result if video being streamed from local storage (VPS).

What wrong I do on my case? Wrong installation because of manual? Wrong PMS settings?

Note: I could even provide VPS, PMS logins for your review. If there would be a person how could help me on this personally.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice...


Which version of plexdrive are you using? I once witnessed low speeds with plexdrive 4, solved this by upgrading to 5.0.
Make a test and download the respective file via Plex web and see what speed you get there. This might help to find the bottle neck. How did you test the upload/download of your VPS?

What CPU/how many cores do you have? Does transcoding refuse to work at all or is this only happening for certain files?


I use the latest stable release which is 4.0.0. But just have noticed that the latest release is 5.0.0 now. I will try it. But Have tested some pre-release 5.0.0 versions of PlexDrive I do not noticed the big difference.

Upload/download speed test. For this test I used a 'curl'. Tested downloads / uploads from various servers worldwide including Google Drive - to find the real download speed.

Currently have VPS with 7 cores (2.7GHz per core).

Transcode work and I think it is fast enough but I still get this message. Because of this not sure where is the problem.

Found some information.

Can anyone confirm that PMS can use 1 core at once because it designed in such way? Is it correct?!

Also, found some information that it is very important not only VPS resources but client side as well. Usually I am testing on my old work notebook with Core 2 Duo. And because of this it could be a problem to render high quality video. And because of this this CPU message could be provided because of client side but not server side.
To test this info I used my desktop PC with i7 CPU and there was no problem form 8Mbps quality.
Can anyone confirm it?

Strange but I never found Plex requirement for client side. Just only for server side. But looks like it is very important (client side)...


Did you do the download through Plex web app? What speed are you getting there?


I am testing through web access (my.vps.ip.address:32400). Not web app. Is there a difference?

Also, currently installing Plex app on my Windows 10 and will test it as well.


I am not so good on Plex but there was not success using Windows and Web apps. While I do not have Premium account And I was not able to test a download speed.
Any advises how to test it in other way? Or it is my fail and it is possible to download videos without having Premium account?


Have you tested the speed you are getting from Google Drive to your VPS?
The following script will test the download speed through your PlexDrive mount


I have just ran this script to download test file - 1.95 GB
Avg.rate - 2.7 MB/s. It is quite slow... Isn't it? The instant rate was very variable - from about 1 to 22 MB/s.

Still, I face this stream problem when I try to watch video file which is place in the same VPS.


What are the specs of your VPS?