Poor photo quality on Samsung QLED 2017 Q7F



Hello, I hope someone could help me...

I would like to use plex on my 4k UHD TV to view my photos: but the quality of the displayed photos is bad (looks like VGA)... Viewing UHD Movies with Plex is wokring well. How cloud I setup plex to display my photos in the original quality (no transcoding etc.)?


As requested here is my log file and a photo (taken with my mobile).


Dear Plex-Support,

could you please give me an answer to my support question? I’ve paid for a plex pass and I’m getting no response on any support question.



Hello all,

I have exactly the same problem: when viewing pictures from Plex the resolution is very low and bad.
I have tuned the Plex server (on my Synology DS215j) and Plex client on the Samsugn TV as such to have no conversion but still have the problem.
Same problem occured also on the same Plex on my Samsung blue-ray HD reader.


Still no answer…


Yes no answer… I use direct access to shared directory of my NAS from the TV to view pictures in real 4k. Its OK but navigation and sorting is very limited.


Exactly the same problem here…!!!

Everything else works it seems, just photos are rubbish quality (I’ve pre-rendered them to 4K/75%) which when viewed via a USB stick are perfect and terrible via Plex.

Edit: Just used Emby to test - full quality pics!



This is definitely an issue and haven’t been able to find any settings to rectify