Poor streaming on ps 4



I run a plex server and its liquid on xbox but very poor and laggy on PlayStation 4 pro , anyone have any ideas also got this error code recently -2140536828

Help appreciate


I have this error also, the app runs for about 40 mins at absolute best and then freezes saying cannot connect (I know my connection is fine because all of my other devices connect perfectly).

I then have to use the app on my phone which is lightning fast to connect to my Chromecast instead (same network)... this then usually works fine, however this isn't always possible and definitely not preferred.

Not impressed that I pay for Plex Pass and the main app I use doesn't work consistently... also, this has only been since the last update. Before that it worked fine.. maybe get your devs to have a look at the code as it's throwing an 'undefined' error which means something is missing somewhere!