Possible FreeNAS iocage issue



Since warden is being deprecated in the newer versions of FreeNAS I made the switch to iocage for my plex jail. The creation of the iocage jail, Plex installation, mount points, etc., all went smoothly. I then quit Plex and copied the data folder from the old warden jail to the new iocage jail. I started it up and everything looked just like the old Plex jail. Everything from the old setup seems to work in the new one, however I noticed that it was a little slower. The next day when starting Plex Media Player I got the message that "The server "undefined" does not support the dashboard." I moved the cursor over to TV and back and then the dashboard loaded properly. Basically, everything works, but is much slower than before. I took a look at the PMS logs and I noticed a lot of lines like this:

Mar 28, 2018 14:47:48.233 [0x80e852e00] WARN - SLOW QUERY: It took 968.750000 ms to retrieve 50 items.

There were also a few errors about system locale, but those are only logged once so I don't they are important. Is this happening for anyone else? Any idea what might be causing this or do I just have to wait for a future version of FreeNAS to fix some iocage issues?

Attached is the PMS log from the last time I restarted the service...

The server is running dual 6 core 2.8GHz Xeon X5660 CPUs with 72GB RAM and Plex is really the only thing active most of the time. The new iocage PMS jail is running on the same mirrored array (2TB 7200RPM drives) that the old jail was on so all speeds should be nearly identical if everything was working correctly.

Any ideas?