Possible to DVR IPTV channels?


So I just installed the IPTV.bundle channel, and attached my IPTV subscription to it. Works great, but I'm looking for something where I can DVR stuff from IPTV. Is this possible? I never watch live tv. I DVR everything and watch when I can. Any suggestions or guide links for doing this is appreciated.


I want to do the same thing. Did you find a solution?


Search för “M3u2Plex” on github and you will find what you are looking för.


The instructions for M3u2Plex didn’t work for me. It never asks me to specify that it’s cable. I get almost all the way through but when I see the list of channels to add it asks me to select the channel guide for it and it only shows the over the air channels I’ve already added. When I check all the IPTV channels to add even without a guide it says it’s unable to add them. I’m wondering if others have this same issue due to some change made to plex since this last worked?


so way can plex in there DVR set up add option to put IPTV log in and plex pulls all the channels itself.


Something on those lines is being developed and posted about it here —> How to run Telly....??

Reddit thread here —> https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/7w3t6l/a_brilliant_project_that_allows_you_to_simply/

Note: Keep your channel list to less than 420 according to the author.