Post Processing on the Shield



I love the Shield, but I'd like to call a post-processing task. I'm fine with running it on a separate server but I just don't know what to use as a command.

Any idea?


Unless you explain yourself more and in detail, I very much doubt you’re going to get any answers for this one here.
I myself have absolutely no idea what you mean by your question.

Please elaborate.


Sorry everyone.
So when I had PMS running on a computer, I had PlexComSkip on the box and would call the post-processing script.
I’d like to do the same on the Shield. Now I know I probably won’t be run comskip on the Shield, but I was wondering if there’s a way to call a web server (local network) or something that would kick off the comskip process on the separate machine.
Does that make a little more sense?


It works exactly the same way. You can just add the path to the script (that will need to be on a network share).


So mount the network share from the shield and call the script as /mountpoint/ I need to try this when I get home.


I would be interested in a way to post process them to h.264 mp4 format. No idea what I need to install onto the Shield to make this happen.


I’d like to have some kind of post processing script for my Plex DVR recordings so that I can compress them to a smaller size. I moved my PMS from a Win 10 box to my Shield TV. On my old Win 10 box I had a batch file that used to call Handbrake after a Plex DVR recording was completed.

So here’s one idea that I’m thinking of trying. On my Win 10 box, I’ve mapped my “TV Shows” folder to a drive letter “S”. I’ll create a scheduled task to kick off around 2am which will call a batch file. This batch file will loop through the S: drive for .TS files. I’ll copy the .TS files locally (Win 10) then run them through Handbrake. I’ll copy the compressed files back to the S: drive and delete the old .TS files. The downside to this is that it would be a batch process that runs once a day as opposed to being processed immediately after they are recorded.