Pre-roll videos won't play



Really wanting to take advantage of this feature on the new server ( and Roku plex pass client (5.05) on a Roku 3 and a Roku Premier +

So I:

1) On the Rokus selected Play Pre-roll Only in the Cinema trailers item
2) Went to the Server's Extras area and selected "play before all movies" from the drop down
3) unselected the 3 "include cinema trailers from" items, because I don't want trailers, just my pre-roll video
4) input my path C:\source\Intros in the Cinema trailers pre-roll video box
5) copied a known good mp4 file that plex has no issue playing as a part of a library into that location
6) Played a movie on the Roku and am greeted with a We're unable to play this video, make sure the server is running... message
7) It then asks me if I want to continue to the next item and the movie I selected plays fine.

Both Roku's exhibit the same behavior. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, or confirm that this is broken on Roku?


Nobody? I’ll post this in the server forum and see if it doesn’t get an answer from Plex.


disregard my response. seems like it’s related to the path maybe as its seen on a windows system. /media/data/prerolls/my_pre_roll.mp4 which is the path for me from root of the system my plex is on. maybe try /source/Intros/


Were you able to fix this? im having the same issue.


I think I found the solution for others trying to fix this edit the movie media library in plex -> Advanced -> Enable Cinema Trailers


Following up on this. You can’t specify just the path, and have it select an item to play randomly, etc. I had to specify the file name, including path, for each item - separating each with a comma.