Problem Synching Content from another server



I have lately, in the last month, found that syncing content from one of my friend's server won't complete. Watching the file size shows that it leaps forward in size sometimes, but anything over e gig seems to just stall out and never complete. I've left it over night and it just sits there on "Transferring" but never completes. I've turned on logging on my client, but don't see anything exciting and I don't have access to the server logs.

Attached are the logs. Hopefully there isn't anything too private in there. I noticed the tokens are pulled out so that's good. Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Is there a way to see, from the client, end, why a transfer never completed and the client doesn’t error out? Is there a log that shows the transfer?


I still get odd things while syncing. The statuses don’t match what is really there. It can say transferring for an hour, when I go to another screen and back it suddenly is complete. A progress bar or percentage would be helpful.