Problem to use remote control



Mac OS X 10.9.5
Plex Media Server 1.11.3
regular account
Browser Firefox

About Plex on player
BD-Player ia a D-Serie (2011) model
Plex app version; 1.019

Hello everyone

Here is my problem, With the remote control of my DVD Player the controls are very slow.

Pause & Play (one minute delay)
For the functions forward and backward non-functional, To stop I leave because I lose patience to wait.

Do you have any suggestions for solving this problem?

I did the installation recently everything works well, except also for accents in French in another request for support.



I made the app available on all devices that support a SmartHub. Unfortunately, not all devices have the same CPU.
The TV's are mostly faster then the bluray models which are n the slow side and don't have as much memory.

You mentioned you have a 2011 model. Version 1.0 of the app (which is the only one that will run on 2011 models) is not supported any more. There is however one newer version that you can use. You can find it here.

The only thing that helps with making the menu quiker is by turning off the menu animations under preferences, but even then the app can be slow on low end bluray models. If you want better performance you need a faster model.
Any model after 2012 will also run the new version 2.0 of the app.