Problem with Chromecast, Android and Plex.



I see intermittent problems when casting via Android to a Chromecast. This is when I'm remote from my QNAP.
The Plex server has access from outside, and is running 'secure'.
I've sometimes been able to solve it by uninstaling the Plex App from the Android device, and then reinstall it.
Other times that hasn't helped.
If I start plex in a browser, it will cast from that without much fuss, but it's not always I have a wireless pc device at hand.
The Android problem has been shown both with Android 7.1 and Android 8.0.


That would most likely be a Player problem, so suggest you seek help there, since this is the Server forum, and if it does work on a browser, and only intermittent.

Sorry :wink:


Ahh, sorry, I’ll repost in the correct forum :smile:


Moved from QNAP forum.


I wonder if it has something to do with the certificate. I’ve changed it to a ‘proper’ certificate now, but of course, now I can’t test it :slight_smile: