Problem with "resume" function



For the last week or two i have problems with resuming a tv seriers for example.
If i choose "resume 6 min" if it is where i left off, the loading wheel will just roll over and over again and not start the episode.

But i can start it for the beginning and jump to where i was, that works :p

Resume function works fine from my mac using chrome.

So it looks like there could be a bug in the AppleTV app


Same here.


Same issue as well


Same here, i did notice that you can get it to resume after a couple of tries.
Sometimes 3 times, sometimes 10 times, but then the spinning wheel disappears and the movies resumes.


There’s a couple of vague Server bug fixes out now, which could be related to this bug. Is it working correctly
now for anyone? Only for users running β releases though.


Version 1.24 has fixed this for me.