Problems to install Plex on Thecuas N4200Pro



just purchased Plex Pass to apply for the streaming of all media inside my home.
I applied a module inside my NAS (Thecus N4200Pro) and it installed now a module with the Version But in the process of finalizing there was a problem, because MyPlex was not working.
The Server has been scanned for Music, but I am not able to connect to web Player on my PC or mobile? Funny thing is that my smart TV see Plex now...
Who could help me (I am not a real techny nerd, but understand basic operations)...



Please find below the screenshot I see in my Web App…

obviously there is no connection to the server, but I do not understand what to do.

Thanks for your help.


Version 0.9.7 won’t work anymore on the NAS.

May I direct you to the current version?

I suggest uninstalling the version you just installed. It will not work with (what we used to call ‘MyPlex’)


ok thanks, will try to uninstall and add new version. Is it confirmed that the new version will work on my NAS (Thecus N4200Pro)?
Thanks in advance…