Problems with Early Access Plex App on LG OLED55B7V TV



Problem I have
* not working scrolling with weel of LG Magic Remote devcie.
* During play pressed back button multiple times and nothing happed. After activating coursor the overlay to controll playback is not shown.
* What I didnt like the most in plex app - is that it is not possible to set current play back time with coursor by clicking on a timeline.


i’ve encounter these issues as well.

Also occasionally, the app logs me out for no reason (so i have to link them again at, and sometimes, all the thumbnails in the main screen fail to load.


I’ve noticed that sometimes images won’t load, and the text is all bunched up.

I have a 1 gigabit network, speed is not the issue.


Early access is terrible on LG TVs. How do you leave it? I click “Leave early access” but nothing is happening.