Problems with matching




I have huge problems with matching anything really after resetting my computer (no i didn't backup plex database for testing purposes).
Now i am reminded of how poor the matching works. Only about 10% of my media was automatically matched on the first load, so i have to go into every single tv show for example and "fix the match". My files are properly named, as the first entry in the fix match search is always the right one. My first problem is, that searching for those matches takes at least 5 minutes for me. I checked windows task manager in background, and plex server is doing nothing at all.
If i then select an entry to match the tv show, it can take up to an hour for plex to complete matching one single tv show, if it won't stop matching by itself. I checked the logs and didn't find anything suspicious.

I am running plex on my pc and yes, it is decent enough. I have a ~35mbit connection to this pc and it is running windows 10.
I didn't have these problems when initially setting up plex, but i got worse with time.

I love Plex but it is little things like these to use it over other services.
Thanks in advance for any idea you guys have.


Sounds almost like your matching is running in timeouts.
However… can you give an example of those file names of yours for some of the movies Plex doesn’t recognize right away?
Also… which agent have you set for this library (e.g. Plex Movie vs. The Movie Database)?


The name of such a file is something like TV Shows\Game of Thrones\Season 1\S01E01 - Winter’s coming.mkv

Didn’t change the media agent, also i find the settings for the agents kinda confusing so i leave it as it is.


try fixing the names…
general tips:

  • include the year the show first aired… this is not required but can be helpful if there’s existing or future shows with similar names
  • the season number in the season folder should be 2-digit
  • you need to include the show name in each episode file
  • the episode name/title is an optional element. Plex will ignore it.

as for your example…
TV Shows > Game of Thrones (2011) > Season 01 > Game of Thrones (2011) - s01e01 - Winter's coming.mkv

this could by the way explain why you only get a 10% matching.
when it comes to TV shows… always follow the naming conventions of Plex!
If you’re on macOS, Finder will offer you options to mass-edit file names… on other platforms you can e.g. use FileBot if you don’t want to modify all those episodes manually.