Problems with PVR and LiveTV



Hi Plex Members,

i have some problems with Plex since i´m using the PVR & LiveTV Option. Before that everything was fine.


Sometimes the Server Crashes when it trying to record some Channels,
Sometimes the Server don't stop recordings

Live TV

Sometimes Channels can´t be started
Sometimes Live TV is stop working druing watching and after that restart isn´t possible everytime.

To fix each Problem i have to restart the Server.

Also in the Manu Server/Live TV & DVR/" airings" i cant change anything by mouse after first time installation. So i can´t add Programs without setting up everything new. I can change everything by use tabing the keyboard and pressing space, but first it is very hard to step to channel 400xx and i can´t change the EPG Channel. And after new Channellist from Unitymedia digital Cable all selfselected SD Channels are wrong

I'm using a MacMini(End 2014), 1,4 GHz, i5, 4GB RAM, OSX 10.11.6. Recordings going to external USB 3.0 Harddiscs.
, HD Homerun Expand for receiving, an some Apple TV 4 for Watching.
All Devices hav the newest Softwareversions exept the OSX on the Mini

At the Moment i'm using the App Channels at my Apple TVs to get directly on the HD Homerun to have it working without Plex. This works fine and also much faster Access to the Channels without buffering. But i would like to Use Plex for everything when its working like it have to.

Hope someone can help me.

Best regards



Glad I am not alone. Same issues for me as well.


Have you tried this Plug-in?


@hornick I’ve have had similar problems. I’ve seeen others say that a fresh install of Plex seems to resolve the issues. So, I am going to give this a try. I’ll let you know if I have any luck.


I’m having similar problems as well, with a similar configuration: MacMini-ish hackintosh running PMS, ATV4 client, HDHomeRun Extend source. In my case, I’m proxying the stream from the HDHR to Plex, so I wasn’t sure whether it was insufficient firewall/port access, but I’ve noticed the following:

  • streams seem to work better on the iOS and web clients
  • once streaming, things are OK; it’s setup/teardown that seems to be problematic (as @hornick describes above)

I’m not using PVR at all, just Live TV. I’ve noticed that when streams fail, PMS says it still has transcoding sessions running, and the HDHR tuners are still locked (ie. the channels aren’t freed). If I wait a couple of minutes, they usually timeout, but a PMS restart obviously forces this.

I realize Live TV is relatively new / beta, so I’m more than happy to provide detailed logs etc. to help troubleshoot this issue.


I’m happy to say that the recent updates (most notably PMS have solved this problem for me. Many thanks and great work as always, Plex team!