Problems with True Blood



I'm not getting any info or poster for true blood
It's realy, every thing else is just fine but I won't get any info or poster or anything when it comes true blood (the tv series).

I've got the tv shows library to fetch info and such from TheTVDB but it returns nothing after a pretty long while of showing me the rainbow cursor.

Any sugestions annyone?


You could try to manually fix the match for True Blood using the Media Manager.

1) Open Media Manager ( from the Media Server Icon in your status bar)

2) Navigate to True Blod and right click on its poster

3) Select "Fix incorrect match".

Maybe that will help.


Do as stated above, or simply try a refresh. Sometimes the scanner doen't pull the correct metadata the first time...a refresh usually solves that :)


I've actually tried to do all those things a couple of times but it simply won't work, and it's just true blood, all other shows works just fine.