Question on using Shield TV Pro and external drive



Purchased the Nvidia Shield TV Pro and set it up to use it as the media server. I have a Western Digital MyBookLive external drive (not a cloud drive with Plex installed on it) that I have some movies and tv shows on and followed the steps to mount it to the Shield TV to Plex. The external drive is directly connected to my router. Plex sees the folders and added everything just fine, but its when I try playing back a show or movie I get the following error:
"Conversion failed. A required codec could not be found or failed to install."

Not sure whats happening here. When I use Plex on any of my devices or in the home theater room running through a receiver everything works just fine when I have my PC on and I select that server. But even with the PC on and I select Shield TV as the server, I get that error. So does it have anything to do with the external drive?? Or should I have mounted the router instead?? Please advise. My goal is to get this working where I do not have to have my PC on.


What is the Plex server version running on your Shield?

If you have the stock pms (0.9.x), updating will fix this. On your computer with a web browser, go on Google play, search for plex server. Click install, log in using your Sheild Google account and push the latest pms on your Shield.


Will this then allow me to view media without having my PC on?


Pms on Shield and PMS on your computer are 2 independent servers. So yes, if you update PMS on Shield and select this server, there is no reason, unless the medias are on that pc, that the pc needs to be on.


Ok thanks. Would using the PMS on Shield allow me to watch everything away from home?...or would that only be with the Plex Cloud?


Yes if you setup remote access.


@rouq said:
Yes if you correctly setup remote access.

Fixed your post. ;)