Raspberry Pi 3 suck on rainbow screen with embedded img



I couldn't find any info so here I ask.
I want to run PMP embedded on a raspberry pi 3 but it will not boot.
- downloaded the img multiple times (PlexMediaPlayer-
- tried flashing with different tools
- tried different SDs

any advice welcome!



I have the same issue on a new Pi 3 b+. It shows the rainbow screen with the undervoltage sign in the top right (lightning bolt). No issues on non-plus version. I’m guessing we need a updated image from plex to support the b+.


There was a warning on the RasPi website that this new version uses even more power.
You absolutely need a high-quality power adapter which can deliver 2.5 ampere


I’ve tried an Anker usb supply as well as an official raspberry pi one and both have the same issue. I’ll see if an iPad charger will work.


I use the official UPS (5.1V 2.5A)


I have no problems with other images.


I’ve tried 3 different supplies including the iPad one (2.3A) and none work.


Guys, the Pi 3B is only available since a few days. It might be indeed an incompatibility here.
But the developers don’t have access to advance samples of the hardware. So give them a bit of time to actually get their hands on the hardware.


Fingers crossed they are able to get a new release out soon.


+1 hoping they can at least get some kind of patch soon, even if it not pmp 2.x yet




Please check http://forums.plex.tv/discussion/317047/plex-media-player-embedded-for-pi-3-b#latest