Raspberry Pi music server & player using Plex



Good Evening

Is it possible install Plex Media Server and Plex Media Player on a Raspberry Pi together?

I ask as I am thinking of building a music server/player that will be able to run Plex. The media will be stored on a separate Hard Drive (poss 500Gb laptop drive) and use a 7" screen. It will only be used for this purpose.

I have see YouTube videos on this but they use software like Max2Play but I don't like them as the interface layout is a bit naff (just my opinion). Plex is more simple. I have seen YouTube videos showing the server and player as separate devices but not on the same device.

I would house both units in a case with the screen on top and install a remote control device. Not really interested in mobile apps as a controller.

The reason for building this is that I think it would be a cheap way to get gapless music using Plex and not spend £100's on a Network Music Player.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome.




Simply not possible. You can only have one or the other.

And btw. completely wrong forum.


Thank you for your reply.

Why is it the wrong forum…I was looking to install Plex on a device that is supported by Plex.


Because your question has nothing todo with the Plex Media Player, in which section you posted.
It would have suited better here https://forums.plex.tv/categories/pms-raspberry-pi or here https://forums.plex.tv/categories/rasplex
And no, the pi is not supported by Plex.