Read First: Posting Media Playback Issues on Roku



Make sure to review the Plex support documentation, including the FAQ - Plex for Roku, since the most common issues and questions are answered there.

Media playback issues can be the result of many things and many factors may contribute to the issue. So even though the error messages you receive during playback may be similar to others, the cause of these error messages can vary widely based on your Plex setup and media. The following the instructions can help you receive responses from others who are able help you resolve your media playback issues.

Determine if this is a Plex App for Roku Issue

First, if this occurs when the media is transcoding and occurs when media is transcoded on other Plex player apps, then it is not an issue with the Plex app for Roku, it is an issue with Plex Media Server. Issues with Plex Media Server should be reported to the section of the forum for Plex Media Server on your operating system.

If you do not have another Plex player app to isolate the cause of an issue, you can always use the hosted Plex Web app ( from the browser on any computer, tablet, or phone other than your Plex Media Server computer. See Opening Plex Web App. Make sure the device is connected to your home network in the same way (Ethernet or wireless) and from the same distance as your Roku (do not connect wirelessly and stand next to your router if your Roku is connected wirelessly on the other side of your home). And on the Plex Web app, you can disable direct play under Settings > Web > Player (Show Advanced) by unchecking Direct Play to ensure the Plex Web app is transcoding the media also.

Create an Individual Post

If this is an issue that only occurs with the Plex app for Roku, then you need to create a new individual post and include as much information about your system and the problem as possible. Just adding a comment to an existing thread of another user stating you are having similar issues does not help isolate the cause of your playback issue.

Since media playback issues vary so widely, creating an individual thread allows someone to review your specific situation, playback issue, and logs and try to isolate the cause of that specific issue. Otherwise, it is impossible to determine if this is an issue with the media, something specific about your Plex setup, or a bug in the software.

Include Information About Your Setup, Media and Issue

It is not enough to just say Plex does not work or provide the error message you see on the screen. Since media playback errors can depend on many factors, the more information you provide about your setup and issue, the better other users will be able to help you isolate the cause of that issue.

  • Information about your system and Plex setup - What version of Plex Media Server and what operating system are you using? What version of the Plex App for Roku are you using?
  • Information About the Media - What is the source (local, remote, online) and type (video, audio, photo) of media you are trying to play? Is the media transcoding or direct playing? (the star * button on your remote will show media playback information)
  • Attach the media XML file - See the "XML Information" section of Investigate Media Information and Formats
  • Attach Roku and Plex Media Server Logs - See the Log Files support documentation. If you are unable to capture logs manually after the issue occurs due to a reboot, you would need to enable the "Remote Logging" option and include the username, time the issue occured, and your timezone.
  • Other Plex player apps You Tried - What other Plex player apps have your tried to play this media on and what was the result?

If there are not error in your Plex Media Server and Roku Logs, you may need to also include a sample of the media that is causing the error in order to find the issue. See Generating Sample Files from Media.