Really ticked about Plex & AppleTV/iOS/etc. lately! You're a *business*! Act like it!



So, this is gonna be a bit of a rant but it DOES have a point.
Plex - especially after pushing Plex Pass so hard - must begin to take it's customers more seriously. That means YES you DO have to acknowledge issues with your product running on new OSes such as when Apple updates to tvOS11 or iOS11 or even High Sierra. Yes, you SHOULD take responsibility for bugs and provide a bug tracker WITH estimated times of repair of bugs. ...and YES you SHOULD be getting pre-release versions of Apple Software and testing your product on them, then release fixes WHEN Apple releases final GM's of said products. This is business. Do it!'s a big one: NO, you should NOT become iTunes + iPhoto all-in-one. Fix what you have out in the wild, THEN add features.
I am an iOS/tvOS developer myself. I'VE had access to all the software for MONTHS! I got lucky. My software required very few fixes - but Plex is in the middle of a huge debacle with iOS and tvOS right now. There are a lot of things that are broken and many need fixes. STOP branching out and doing photos, live tv, etc if you can't make the original product work!


Yes, you SHOULD take responsibility for bugs and provide a bug tracker WITH estimated times of repair of bugs.

I don't have any (personal) software that I use that does this... that last time I saw anything like this was with Boxee and well, that didn't turn out so well, did it?

It's very clear what you get when you subscribe to Plex pass and access to bug tracker isn't one of them.

(I'm not apologizing for Plex here, just trying to shine some reality on the situation)


Apple does it. I am just saying that taking responsibility for bugs - acknowledging them - is normal business practice. Customers at LEAST then know that you know them.


Apple does it

Isn't that only for developers? I'm not a developer and I can't seem to find a list of bugs with TTRs listed anywhere.

Try again.


I have to agree with Jann

Plex on Apple TV is so broken is almost a joke.
Also the hardware on the Apple TV can handle a lot more than Plex is tasking it with.

Plex should really, and I hate to say this, start over from scratch and try again.


You hit the nail on the head Jann. Plex has been ignoring a number of issues since it's initial deployment of the It is painfully obvious they have no intention of addressing them since most are the result of their decision to start and stay with apple's built in media viewer. All the other successful apps out there are the result of developers that were aware of the short comings of the apple viewer and therefore wrote their own. ex) VLC, InFuse & others.... Plex is a classic example of a company refusing to recognize their mistake and remain in denial as they go forward, impervious to their customers' continued requests for serious bug fixes.



I totally agree with Jann… PLEX is so caught up in live tv this, music that, photos this… Just STOP! I want to PLAY MOVIES AND TV SHOWS!!! That is IT!! That should be the sole focus… and once that is completed then polish it some more.

Maybe a bug tracker is a bit much @darcilicious … Maybe we can’t be involved in their Sprint planning or see their backlog… but at least have some type of cadence… some type of organized structure to have application releases that actually improve the product… with tvOS 11 it should be no reason why there is not a PLEX app update to ensure that x265 is direct played… Honestly, they need to go look at the infuse app and see how infuse direct plays almost everything on ATV… and they did that on tvOS 10…

It is really simple honestly… we paid for a service… We believed in your product… Typically PLEX Pass people are your biggest advocates… We USED to tell all our friends how amazing PLEX was… How it was the THING in sharing media… but with the failed updates, the lack or response to issues that have been present for months and months… When a competitor comes out that just gets it and does it right… there will be a mass exodus from PLEX… You can’t blame the user base because we have used the tools provided to communicate the issues over and over and over… But at the end of the day we get it… PLEX devs and management just doesn’t care… @chfredrickson @Stevenson-Price @hsousa @StSimm1 @elan


The Apple TV developers for Plex either don’t have the skills to produce a good client (current Apple TV client is buggy, lacks many features) or they are being put on different tasks by management.

After years of using Plex, my wife now refuses to use it on the Apple TV and used Infuse instead as she got sick of having her shows cut off at the end...a long standing bug that Plex has ignored.


@darcilicious said:

Apple does it

Isn't that only for developers? I'm not a developer and I can't seem to find a list of bugs with TTRs listed anywhere.

Try again.

They do it! "Try Again?" How bout this then @darcilicious:

All the bugs you report are answered...and if they are duplicate, then it tells you what bug number they are a duplicate of. If they need more info, they ask. There is input back and forth with the engineers. I never said, btw, that "Apple Does It" for TTRs I said Apple has a bug reporter. PLEX doesn't even have THAT. They have forums...which - for the most part - they ignore. Every now and then @elan or a dev will pipe in, but because of the nature of the forums, they can't get all the info they need...a bug reporter would fix that.


I loathe the idea myself, but I've thought about spamming the other central forums to get a reponse on why the Apple TV is being ignored. I don't really see any other options at this point as they actively ignore this forum and is completely silent on the Apple TV client.

Great business idea though. Push Plex Pass, then ignore all the paying members and haul in the money for free every month for a long time after.

Impressively though, I see all the users above paying or having a life time pass - Why don't you vote with your money if you can?


To reassure you, Plex on the Nvidia Shield is even worse...


We feel for ya @chander! If it is worse then we feel for ya!



Oh God, reading this thread just sent me into a spiraling depression. I'm an Amazon Fire TV (AFTV) user. Plex completely destroyed the AFTV app with a recent update, aligning it to the Android UI. It's awful, slow, and has playback issues. I was considering switching to an Apple TV, because the iOS app is still workable, but y'all convinced me to think otherwise. I bought a Plex Pass years ago, so I don't feel totally jipped, but it certainly seems like the Plex team is ignoring their users on all fronts. I can't tell you how hard I worked to evangelize the wonders of Plex over the years, and now I'm hoping someone comes along and makes something better. Such a sad situation.


So, official answer from @Gregflix on another thread was:

This one is on our radar.
The reason this is slightly tricky is because Apple changed HTTP Live Streaming formats for HEVC (H.265). In order to Direct Stream any HEVC content, Plex Media Server needs to change from using MPEG-TS to fragmented MP4 streaming.
By changing profiles, it's possible to support Direct Play of HEVC in MP4 files (only). To support it fully, you'll need to wait for an upcoming update to Plex Media Server.
So, maybe we are gonna get it soon…



You mean we'll get one bug fix? Wow... And that from a bug which has surfaced within recent weeks. So based on how quickly they fix other bugs which has in some cases been known for more than a year, I think this may be adressed some time in the next millenium.


going to try emby, infuse and kodi when i Get home. The first one that can play 4k material on my Apple TV 4k wins me over.


I've tried Emby but hated the UI. If I could find a decent Plex client to use, I would. I had one on my LG smart TV but it doesn't work with newer versions of PMS.Thinking of chucking it in for Fuse


I have an aTV4 with a 1080p 3D projector. We use 2 Plex servers (music & movies) and recently upgraded the Denon receiver to support 4k. We just got the DirecTv 4k receiver a few weeks ago. the last pieces are the aTV5 & 4k projector for Christmas... I hope Plex will have the 4k bugs worked out by the end of the year. 3D is a bit buggy right now too! I installed the Emby server on my Synology NAS and am migrating the movies to it for testing. The Emby aTV client plays movies smooth and has a clean interface! . I like the KISS theory and don't care for the inFuse client since it is only for the aTV and not our phones or tablets.


After 3 days of intense testing, i can tell you that Infuse Pro 5 is by far, BY FAR, the best client on the Apple TV.
Metadatas aren't as rich as Plex or Emby but their playback core is incredible and the devs are very responsive. My choice is made.


OMG the latest update has blasted NEWS all over my managed users. I can turn it off for my admin account but not for my users. What the heck. I just want this NEWS crap to go away.