Reboot Apple TV on a schedule



Because the Plex team has done such a stellar job at giving us a stable version of the Plex App for ATV 4 (cough, bull, cough, cough, squirt) I have found that something I need to do to both of mine is restart them on a regular basis. This seems to "reset" the Plex App and allows us to use it for a period of time again without the stupid glitches - errrr, I mean FEATURES! - they put in for us.
Does anyone know of an app I can run on my Mac Mini to restart the ATV across the network automatically. Since the Plex App seems to run for about a 2 weeks/2 and a half weeks before it starts to show me the "FEATURES" I figure if I could just schedule a reboot weekly it would make my life easier with the wife.

And no, it is not my ATV or my setup or anything else. The Plex app is the only one with the "Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video. Check your Network." error or the random crashes out of the video to the Plex main screen or finally, where you cannot even watch a video as it crashes back to the springboard after about 30 - 40 seconds.
All other apps work fine including - Channels, Emby (playing the exact same videos from the exact same location, even on a weaker Mac Mini than my Plex server), VLC, MrMC, Infuse, etc. Plex is the only app that this happens with.
Even went 2 weeks with only using it for Plex after a reboot in case the other apps were not releasing memory correctly and it still happened.

Any help in finding a way to fix this until either Plex fixes their mess or Infuse is a true Plex client would be greatly appreciated.

[EDIT] - Or an app in the app store? I have searched for both and come up empty (except for a script from 2008 where I need to set the AppleTV up to allow me to sudo without a password, which I am not keen to allow.


There is no public API to reboot tvOS. Use of such an API would result in instant App review rejection.