Refresh library from Plex for Android app




I have a question:

Is there any way to refresh the lib from android app - the same way like from plex web app?


If not is there any place that I could ask for that feature?


Any update on this?

Thank you in advance.


There´s not a way, Android is meant to be a simple client and not to manage your library. You have many options in server settings to do this automatically and/or periodically. Does these options cover your needs?


There is a `update library` channel that will do what you are after.  It's clunky but you can update the library from any plex client.


OK. I meant a small key that will be able to send the information to server to refresh lib.
Seems pretty easy to implement.


At present, there are no plans to support forcing your server to update from a mobile client. Although, I'll mention it again to the rest of the team to see if opinions have changed.



Thank you!


Just to bump the importance of this. Many times I've had a video I've wanted to show someone shortly after copying it over to the server, only to have to say "hold on I have to go login on my computer to force a refresh...". I know I could have done it at the time I copied the files over, but it's another step that I almost always forget. Just a simple button that tells the server to rescan whatever library is currently selected would be awesome.


Exactly same problem here :) simple button in the android app would be great!


you could just as easily connect to plex web on your android phone if you needed to do a manual library udpate.

you could also just set the server to auto add content when you add something - saves having to worry about whether you updated the library or not.


regarding the auto update the lib when you add something - I have it on. it is not working all the times - especially if you manually adding new subs.

Sure you can connect to the server from your tiny smart phone and try to click on the web page that is not adjusted to be browsed on mobile device - it just has poor usability.


auto add never fails for me (i have it set to only scan for changes rather than a full scan).
have you seen the size of smartphones these days? the can hardly be described as "tiny".
i find it very easily to deal with plexweb on a smartphone when i need to.

with auto-add and plexweb access, surely you can see that any such function within the android app would be deemed as low priority at best.


Download movie > Move to library > refresh library > play movie
This sequence is repeated by THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, or BILLIONS of Plex users on a regular basis. Adding a refresh link in the android app is not only desired, it's expected. In fact, it should be available on all Plex interfaces on whatever platform they exist.

When does your product audience engage in this behavior:
Download movie > Move to library > Watch paint dry while your library updates > play movie
The answer is NEVER. Nobody ever does that EVER.

Surely you can see that adding auto-refresh as a default behavior or adding a refresh button to all interfaces should be THE HIGHEST PRIORITY considering that ALL PLEX USERS depend upon a library which is updated in real time or on demand.


Totally agree, morover, I have noticed that auto-refresh is working when you add movie, when you add srt not really. that is why refresh button is needed!!! :)


The channel plug-in mentioned above actually works fine for me. It's only a few clicks to update the library.


I would add my vote for this. Or at least some sort of IP command that can be sent. I have scheduled content that is downloaded automatically. Now in the past the "update on detected changes" option consistently ignored partially downloaded content. And since the file is created before the download is complete, the scanner can't actually read the file as a supported type and then adds it to the ignore list. I have changed the update to every 2 hours and that seems to function with very few mis-identified as invalid files. So I do find myself having to go to the plex web app or more easily remote login to my computer that has the server on it and do a manual update.

Now I suppose I could try the update on changes function to see if there have been any improvements that I haven't been aware of, but it seems simple enough to have the option to manually update the library from any client. Simple command for the server to rescan. I use Roomie remote, (now Simple Control) and PMS shows as an optional device to add and it would be perfect if there were some basic IP based commands that could be sent to the server such as update libraries. Though I actually can't think of what other commands I would use, I would definitely use that one.


For updating libraries with a url see:


Just put it in the damn app. It is bull that I need to login to a computer to refresh a library. It's not that big of a deal. We pay for the app just give us the feature we want.


I actually found this thread because I did a Google search on how to refresh the library from the android app.

I would personally love to have a button in the app to be able to do this and don't quite understand the resistance to doing it. The current implementation of having to use the mobile browser and web app or even install a channel seems short sighted.

Please reconsider adding this feature to the mobile app.

Thank you


Seems like small code change really - moreover the proper POSTs are already defined.