Refresh Rate Automatically



Can someone please explain "Refresh Rate Automatically"?

I see it in the settings for the Plex app on the NVIDIA SHIELD and when left on, I notice the picture is quite different versus when it is off. When on, the picture resembles more of the type of picture you would notice watching a movie in a theater where the images are faster than normal television picture if this makes sense?

Most of my files are in 23.976 fps so I do not understand this feature being on by default. Is it meant to make what you are watching more original?

Thank you in advance for anyone who can address these questions.


HDTV TV's by default are generally displaying things in 60hz ( but it depends on tv ). when you play a file which is for example 24hz it changes the rate( if the display can be ) to match the file during playback so you get the correct rate of the file. framerate and refresh rate are basically the same thing.

some folks don't notice anything as their eyes are not sensitive enough but as TVs get better it becomes more noticeable to some. some can see frame skips and such. when the two rates do not match up

you will generally see a second or two of the screen going black as it changes when playback starts or when it stops and goes back to the menus

more info on refresh rate here