[REL] ComicReader - Read comic archives with Plex. (CBZ, CBR, CB7)


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ComicReader is a Plex Channel that allows you to serve comic book archives that are stored on your server.

Currently it supports CBZ, CBR, and CB7 comic archives. CBZ is supported natively, while CBR and CB7 require unrar and 7zip. See the Readme on github for details.

The channel doesn't use a database or metadata, it just acts like a file browser that starts at the directory you specify in the channels preferences.


i dont find this channel


I've installed it, and it works very well. It obviously has a very limited feature set, but it is quite functional, as is. I've successfully used it to read comics in Plex/Web, a Roku 2, an android tablet, and an amazon Fire tablet. Now I can easily read any comic in my library anywhere I have internet access using Plex.

As you said, there is no DB or metadata, which would obviously be very nice to have, as then it could have a lot more functionality, but even without any of that, I'll certainly make use of it.Thanks for making this available to all of us! It is very much appreciated! :)


Ok, I just tested it, my issue is indeed that there are too much files in one directory :)


Just wanted to thank! Wonderful job: I missed such a channel and I hope you'll keep improving it!


No link?...


@9rax9 said:
No link?...

The first line of the Original Post.


Wanted to say thanks for making this channel available.

~~I haven't been able to give it a shot yet as I'm getting the following error when trying to open the channel (server is on unRAID):~~

~~This channel is not responding.~~

~~Appreciate the help. Can't wait to give it a try.~~

Scratch that. Just saw that you released an update--everything is working swimmingly.

Thanks for the great work!


This is an awesome plugin, but I can't seem to get it to work with .cbr and .cb7 files even after I set the path on my Synology NAS. Anyone know how to get it work?


if you can type unrar or 7z in a command line and have it run those programs, then you can leave the paths blank in the channel prefs. otherwise it should be something like /usr/bin/unrar /usr/bin/7z etc.


I used a little tool to convert some of my PDFs into cbz. Added them to a folder and pointed this channel to it.
It worked instantly.

Thank you, great work!



If only it could read special characters too for the name of the folder and the comics/mangas


@Ismelda I updated the master branch to support unicode in the titles https://github.com/coryo/ComicReader.bundle/archive/master.zip

I've only tested with japanese text and on Plex Media Player and Plex Web.


Thanks :x

I'll try it when back home.

PS: It appears to be working fine with special characters now. Thanks.


One last issue, I don't see the "resume" option in the settings and resuming is really an important part of reading, even for comics.


I kind of broke the resume feature temporarily as I was figuring out how to handle it with the read/unread status stuff. I'll try and get it working again.


I've got resume back https://github.com/coryo/ComicReader.bundle/archive/master.zip

Each comic should get a resume option in its menu if it is in progress. Theres a channel preference to specify how many pages before the last viewed page to include before the saved page.


Thanks, I downloaded it now will test when I have some spare time to read.


@coryo123: is the read status user based? I mean: if I share my channel
with someone will he have his own read statuses or will he use mine as well?

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It is user based. Every user should have their own independent read/unread/in progress state for each comic.