[REL] DanceTelevision



The DanceTelevision plugin gives you access to the VOD library with DJ Sets of DanceTelevision.

How to install?

The DanceTelevision channel is available in the Plugin Directory.

Known issues

  • Some Plex clients may not be able to play the videos from this plugin directly. PMS should be able to transcode those videos. Before reporting video playback problems, always try the channel on a different Plex client.

Where do I report issues?

Post in this release thread or create an issue on Github and add as much information as possible:

  • Plex Media Server version, OS, Plex client being used etc.
  • Log files, com.plexapp.plugins.dancetelevision.log and com.plexapp.system.log (upload those to Pastebin)

When posting about channel errors or video playback problems ALWAYS add log files! Your issue may be closed or ignored if you do not provide log files.


Available on Github: https://github.com/plexinc-plugins/DanceTelevision.bundle