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This is a Metadata Agent for adding a static poster or background images to movies. The intention of this agent is to prevent spoilers on specific libraries like TV recordings. Both images can be overwritten by custom ones. Full qualified path is required for that.

Source: https://github.com/daeks/StaticMedia-Agent.bundle

See the How do I manually install a channel? support article.


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currently I am thinking about a library without any thumbnails esp. for sport recordings. Unfortunately Plex always generates thumbnails. Therefore I have the following idea: Why not adding an agent which copies a static image to each movie found without adding it manually?


I tried it myself and got it working. Is there a way to put images to Resources folder and access it dynamically?


you are talking about a movie library, since the code you have is for "Movies" libraries, so using a Plex Movie agent, possibly "The MovieDB"...
"Sport shows" kinda hints at Series library, and you do not mention whose agent you are unhappy with selecting posters or fanarts... Is it 18+ rated "Sports" shows you are talking about ?

If you do use personal video agent then you have no meta, why dnot do that ?
Why not put a default poster in the folder and put local metadata agent before the metadata agent in priority ?


I have running a pvr software recording football matches if I dont have time to watch them live. Therefore I dont want to see the score already before watching which sometimes happened. Plex generates thumbnails for each recording automatically without any known option to disable it (except the commandline tool).

My PVR library was set to personal video agent before, but each recording is stored in a subfolder automatically. So I didnt want to setup a batch job adding several "dummy posters" to each folder / video file by a scheduled task. Maybe I have missed here something how it could be done better?

Currently the agent is working like a charm, It hides the preview and I have to extend that also for the background image, but for better structuring I would like to move the images into the Resources folder.


It is so good to hear that there is at last some movement in this issue where Plex has ruined WAY to many sports results for me! Thank You!!


- Added static background
- Made everything optional
- Default image can be overwritten by custom images


Had trouble getting this to work but this thread helped to install this agent:


Just wanted to add my thanks, I added the bundle today and it seems to be working great.



I am running Plex on an unRAID server (Linux) and have copied the extracted folder StaticMedia-Agent.bundle to my plugins folder, restarted but still cannot select anything other than

1, Personal Media
2, Plex Movie
3, The Movie Database

What am I missing?



Have you copied it to the right plugins folder? Are there any errors inside the log?



Sorry for the long delay, just revisiting this now as I have setup a new temporary Plex Server to see if this works... I am still getting the same problem of being unable to select your agent and have the log attached to see if you can help as to what is going wrong? Would prefer to move back to Plex if this could work otherwise a permanent switch back to Emby is in order!

Many Thanks


I have installed Plex on a Windows install and a Linux Install and copied the bundle to the locations mentioned here (https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/201106098-How-do-I-find-the-Plug-Ins-folder-) but I still cannot see anything other than

1, Personal Media
2, Plex Movie
3, The Movie Database

I have tried creating new libraries and editing existing ones but I still cannot see the static agent?


Have you installed the latest version to the path where local application data is stored?
it should have the following folder structure:

\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins\StaticMedia-Agent.bundle

After restart of the server it should look like:


Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply!

I have downloaded the version from here https://github.com/daeks/StaticMedia-Agent.bundle

I have installed it here (Please note that the DVBLink & Iplayer Plugins Work and are also installed here)

I am running the latest Plex Version

restarted many times and still not available? (I have tried Windows as well so I must be missing something?)


Hmm have to tried to rename the foldername from "StaticMedia-Agent.bundle-master" to "StaticMedia-Agent.bundle"? Thats currently the only difference I can see.


YES. it will not show otherwise.
if it still fails, copy Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.system.log & plexapp.staticmedia-agent.log



Thank you so much! I have everything now masked, no more spoilers! Thanks Again!!!!!!!!


Thanks for this, works perfectly. No more sport spoilers



i can't see static media under shows, i want to use it for TV show spoilers, i can only see it under movies :(

can that be fixed?



The agent should now be available for TV shows as well.