[REL] XTV IPTV Channel


See https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1283394/#Comment_1283394 and further down this topic for releases and more recent information of this channel.


The filmon live UK TV links do not work but the remaining stuff seems ok :)


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This might not be related but a filmon link only lasts for a few hours?


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For some reason it keeps failing when I load a ustvnow channel? I have logged in to ustvnow under plugin pref


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The FOX icon is missing from the display like your looks like. Where are the Plex settings that control this? The physical jpg is there but it just doesn't show it like in your picture above, its just grey.


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Tryed to download the plugin. It seems the link is no longer valid. Any chance of a new download link? Thanks in advance.




Thanks a bunch


no worries :)


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Hi there! Great plugin, thanks for the great work. Unfortunately it is not working for me on iOS. Any way to fix this?


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This is a known issue with the Plex for iOS client. No streaming channels work. You can visit plex.tv via Safari and the channels will work in the meantime until the Plex team addresses the issue.


Unable to locate the TSC channel :(