[RELEASE] Aeon Nox 5.3.0 (BETA)



The Nox team is pleased to announce the beta release of Aeon Nox 5.3.0 for OpenPHT – released on October 12th, 2016 (exactly the one year anniversary for Aeon Nox for OpenPHT). This release is dedicated to the memories of two really great people who sadly recently passed away. First, @nedthenerd who contributed so much to the OpenPHT project and the Plex community in general. He even made a new Aeon Nox logo for me for this release. He will be greatly missed. Second, schimi2k (from the Kodi forums) who was very active in the Nox modding community in the Kodi forums and made countless numbers of images for the Aeon Nox variants there (many of which are in Aeon Nox for OpenPHT).


Aeon Nox 5.3.0 can be downloaded here (please note that because this is a beta release a manual install is required):

Verion 5.3.0 (BETA)


  • Added a setting to control the amount of transparency for unfocused items in media lists
  • Support for Videos in Photo libraries (Thanks to @NewYears1978 for the icons)
  • IMDb ratings support
  • Setting to use white media flags instead of colour
  • Massive 1080p optimization skinwide
  • Mouse Support
  • Added “System Info” Window
  • Added File Manager
  • Honour OpenPHT’s Disable Photo Transcoding setting in Photo Libraries
  • New Aeon Nox Logo for OpenPHT (made by @nedthenerd)

Home Window:

  • Vertical Home Menu Makeover
  • Option to make pressing down go direct to the Recently Added widget instead of submenu
  • For main menu in the middle position the Recently Added Widget now stays at the bottom of the screen and does not shift to the top if On Deck is empty
  • Added separate submenus for each home menu item
  • Added home menu media filters (Genres, Actors, Directors, etc.) Lets you browse media libraries in addition to the “drill-down” style of the standard Plex filters.
  • Display Actor photos
  • Display Genre Icons (with separate icons for Movies, TV, Music and Anime media types)
  • Added Power and System sections to homemenu
  • Added new homemenu font “Trueno”
  • Support for “Stacked” Recently Added episodes in Widgets (ie., all new episodes belonging to a single season of a single TV show are stacked together into one Recently Added widget item instead of filling the widget with a dozen or more new episodes in a single season

List View:

  • Major List View Makeover
  • Added “SlimList” option (text only, fits in a lot of text)
  • Increased transparency
  • Automatically changes layout based on media type, and content (landscape icons for episodes, portrait for movies, square for albums, etc.)


  • Major Preplay makeover
  • Landscape media items (online clips, homevideos, episodes) now displayed in a landscape view
  • Setting to display episodes in Portrait
  • Display icons on movie extras based on extra type (Thanks to @NewYears1978 for the images)
  • MPAA Large Descriptive Flags (Thanks to @NewYears1978 for the images)
  • Moved Preplay settings from Skin Settings to Preplay screen
  • Display language country flags for Audio and Subtitles
  • Preplay Custom Colours


  • Option to make the topbar double height


  • New German Translation
  • Updated Dutch Translation
  • Updated Spanish Translation


Thanks to @aeronnl and @daniel.cull for testing
Thanks to @aeronnl, @danichispa and @sebastianklein for the translations
Thanks to frodo19 (from the Kodi forums) for the Aeon Nox Genre Icon template (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=141714)
Thanks to TBinfection (from the Kodi forums) for the genre fanart: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=100532
Thanks to BigNoid without whom Aeon Nox wouldn’t exist
Thanks to MikeSilvo for all his awesome Aeon Nox mods
Thanks to @bkury for the very awesome changes he made to OpenPHT 1.7 that made much of the awesomeness in this update possible
Thanks to @kwiboo for his continued hard work in the OpenPHT project
Thanks to @newyears1978 for the great icons included in this release

And finally…
Thanks to @nedthenerd for the new Aeon Nox Logo and all the hard work you put into OpenPHT and Rasplex. You will be greatly missed.
Thanks to schimi2k (from the Kodi forums) who has over the years made numerous awesome images for the Aeon Nox variants in the Kodi forums (many of which are in Aeon Nox for OpenPHT). He also recently passed away and will be missed.


Latest stable works for me. This one shows a blank screen with my username.


Are you running it on OpenPHT 1.7? It won’t work at all on anything earlier.


Hello, are you planning a pi/ linux version of the skin ( openpht 1.7 too ) ? if i remember you explained to me that for a pi version u need to compile the texture something like that !