RELEASE: Plex Black Edition



Plex Black Edition Skin for OpenPHT / RasPlex

  • New Homescreen
  • New section viewtypes
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Star rating overlay
  • Six different colour themes


Previous Versions:

PHT 1.4.1: 

PHT 1.3.6:

PHT 1.3.5:

PHT 1.2.3:

Unzip and copy to:
Windows OpenPHT: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\OpenPHT\addons
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/OpenPHT/addons
Linux: ~/.plexht/temp/addons
To change the viewmode press left (or down in low list) and click on ![post-57662-0-84525300-1425019506.png|29x27](upload://ncQXjsFjq3RlQcMBD47HC3bSLxo.png)

Change Colour Theme:
Go to Preferences -> Change Preferences for Appearance -> Advanced -> Theme
Choose one and wait some seconds. 


Bigger homemenu, analog watch

Home - Movies 
Home - Movies (Posters only)

Viewtype - Low List


Viewtype - Carousel


Viewtype - Posters

Viewtype - Bigger Posters

Viewtype - Wall


Viewtype - Cards


Viewtype - List


Viewtype - Poster Info

Viewtype - Episodes

Viewtype - Banner


Viewtype - Info Carousel


Left Side Menu / Filter



Please feel free to donate. Thank you very much!


Added a new List view mode:



Added global clock

Added an option to disable Preplay Screens

Readded an option to hide Plot for unwatchd Episodes


Added an option (per View, where is makes sense) to disable Episode thumb (shows TV Show Poster instead)



Added an option to hide thumbs for unwatched Episodes



Added a new Viewtype for Episodes

Some Bugfixes



Added an option to disable Post play screen.

Added an option to disable Home Submenu (move Submenu items to main menu).


Added Kiosk Mode (disable viewmode changes) 

Added an option to show Extras (trailers, interviews...) immediately on preplay screen



Added option to hide Home menu clock,

Added "Play File" to Home Menu (check Skinsettings).



"Play File" Bugfix

Added Now Playing Video Playback in Background (Skinsettings/General)

Press tab during playback


open the menu (press m) during playback and click on the button below:


Return to Videoplayback by pressing the orange Playback item in Home menu (or press tab):



Reworked Skinsettings for TV Show and Movie Thumbs.

New option to show the Movie/TV Show tile only for the focused thumb.

Added option to display Star Rating overlay for TV Shows.

Bugfix: Submenu not reachable when main menu is empty. (Start PHT when Server is offline)



Removed "filtered episodes" view

Changed some Episode Views

Added a new Episode View:



Added Music-Visualization OSD:

To change the Visualization: go to Preferences->Playback->Music->Visualization - change to milkdrop / wave / directx spectrum



Some Bugfixes

Added a Skinoption to disable zoom effect in home screen when "Show Ondeck/Recently Added immediately" is activated.

Added album art cover to music osd



Fixes for PHT 1.3.6

Reworked "Watch Later" and "Channels" deck on Homescreen

Changed "Carousel" View.



Added Carousel View for Episodes,

Added Star Rating Overlay for Carousel View

Replaced all orange keyboard buttons.


Some Bugfixes

Disabled Background dim when the context menu shows up.

Added custom single/multi Background image per view:


It is also possible to use a single transparent image to get your own background overlay.

You can also replace the default background image by replacing the file background_black_edition.png in media folder.


Added Dim for unwachted items per View


Reworked Wall View (focused item infos can be hidden in left side skinsettings menu)


Added a new Viewtype "Big Wall":



Changed Now Playing Music Screen.

Press on "Track: X of Y" to display the play list, or press "o" button if you use milkdrop or an other visualisation.

Added custom background image folder for Now Playing music (Skinsettings->Backgrounds)


Dim unfocused poster / thumbs per view

Zoom effect for focused poster / thumbs per view

Hide border for focused poster / thumbs per view



New View Type for TV Shows:

(Infos can be hidden in left side Skinsettings menu)