[Release] Plex Media Player 2.0 Preview!



Updated: 14/12/2017

We’ve released version 2.2 to Plex Pass subscribers, featuring several fixes and improvements over previous versions, including all new video, audio and photo players UI. Please check out the complete release notes for more details.

Updated: 08/24/2017

We’ve released version 2.1 to Plex Pass subscribers. It improvements the user experience and fixes bugs not addressed in the preview build below. We recommend this version above the preview.

Ahoy lovely PMP’ers! We’ve got something exciting to share with you all today…

At long last, we’re taking the wraps off the next generation big screen experience for Plex Media Player!

We’ve still got some work to do, but we’re pretty excited about the direction and we couldn’t wait to give you all a chance to kick the tires.

Completely reimagined TV UI!
We’ve combined the best aspects of our favorite Plex apps, feedback from all of you, a bit of hard science from our testing labs, and a little bit of secret sauce to create what we think is the very best Plex library browsing experience yet. Buttery-smooth access to all your discovery content? Check. Super-fast grid browsing if you prefer to simply browse and play? Also check. It even learns what you like and adapts over time by remembering the libraries you use most, regardless of where they live. Hoo ah!

Brand new bits under the hood!
We’ve taken great pains to make sure the lovely new UI is not only beautiful, but also based on a solid foundation. It shares as much DNA as possible with our web app, and all the groundwork has been laid to make sure it hums along like a well-oiled machine on your favorite platform.

This is a forums-only preview release, and it still has a few rough edges. Some of the bigger known issues:

  • This preview release is available for macOS and Windows only. Optimizations for embedded platforms will follow.
  • The UI may exhibit minor to extreme rendering artifacts on high DPI monitors and possibly high resolution displays.
  • When navigating Back, selection will not be returned to the previous item.
  • Mouse/pointer support is incomplete. The app is primarily designed for use with standard TV remotes. Pointer support will improve in the future.

With all that said, please go grab the preview release here:

Windows: Plex Media Player Preview v2.0.7
macOS: Plex Media Player Preview v2.0.7

…and be sure to let us know what you think!