[Release] Training Videos Scanner+Agent i.e. Pluralsight, Lynda.com, etc (also, how to name seasons)



So, I had periodically searched for a scanner to handle this because I have a bunch of offline training videos and it's been pretty hard to watch them because with existing scanners/agents they just become a mess. I wasn't able to find anything so I set out to create my own based on the ExtendedPersonalMedia scanner and agent.

My scanner/agent seems to work pretty well so far so I decided to share it with the world.
Also, the scanner has code that shows how I solved the "how do I name seasons from an agent/scanner?" question.

Anyway, if you want it or want to check out the code, it can be found here:


Oh and if you are looking for the code that sets the season name its in the Plug-ins/TrainingVideo-Agent_bundle/Contents/Code/__init__.py starting on line 445 ending on 459.


Thank you I will use this



This is great, i was searching for something like this for a while, unfortunately, it is not working for me. It cannot detect udemy tutorials as a scanner. It cannot even detect normal series. What could be wrong ?