remote access (I know done to death)



OK I know this topic has been done to death
but I am I trying to enable remote Access.
it connects for two seconds then disconnects
I’ve done everything listed port forward I have no firewall at all it still connects and two seconds later disconnects
the weird part is that if I turn off my Wi-Fi on my phone or I’m 20 miles away it works for me so all good right?
well I add Plex to my daughters phone log into my account and could see all the metadata of all my movies but she cannot play them says can not connect to server
I can at the same time on my phone even though
Plex says server is not connected
Any ideas?


added info
I forwarded port 47 to 32400
canyouseeme works fine
but still disconnected after 1 second


when I went back into plex I am suddenly connected thru port 47
see if it last :)